Do you know? Joyce Realty Pvt Ltd... is a Realty Shopping Zone.



We Are Experienced With Independent houses, Villas, Flats and Commercial buildings.

Marketing services :

  • Real estate marketing
  • New Property Sales
  • Resale Property Sales
  • Selling residential units
  • Property Appraisal

Facility Maintenance Services

  • Janitor/HouseKeeping Services
  • Security and Guarding Services
  • Garden and Lawn Maintainance
  • Building Maintainance(Electrical , Civil , Carpentary)
  • A/C Maintainance
  • Catering Services

Property Management Services:

  • Building Management
  • Repair and Maintainance
  • Legal and Insurance
  • Property Inspection
  • Security Deposits

Land scaping , Plantation and Gardening

Developing Agricultural, Residential and Commercial Lands