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Sell Property

Sell Property

Once you decide to sell your property you must make it certain what is the basic object of your sale : like you intend to buy another property by selling this (which could be more or less than its value), you want to invest money in business or any other area. Other thing one has to look at the property market situation as it has a lot of bearing on your property sale prospects.

Make a Summary of your property : (It should include the following) Built up area, Accommodation, Plot Area, Construction quality, Age of Construction, Its location and property ownership title. Other details like Electricity load, water supply, house tax structure, distance from the market, schools, hospitals, airport, railway station, bus stand, etc. also make an impact on sales of your property price.

Some more useful tips :

If you try to negotiate the brokerage of the real estate agent, his interest in your property would become low so don't try to cut on his brokerage.

Let your estate agent know your property details and the summary you have made as it would make him aware of every positive aspect of the property and he would be in a better position to market your property.

If you wish to sell your property on your own, place advertisements in Newspapers which have better circulation and place your ads on days when they publish special property pages. But this process involves lots of efforts, dealing with all sorts of people and a lot of expense on advertisements.

Put your property in presentable condition so that when a buyer visits to see this property it does not appear to be in a bad shape. Small expense on getting the right lighting, paint and clean floors would fetch much better price.

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